Facebook Understood

Continuance (formerly fforward), a Facebook analysis blog by Jon Milani, was founded in March 2012 in order to better understand Facebook, Inc. Continuance uses financial and growth information, applies quantitative analysis, and evaluates technical indicators in order to assess Facebook, company and product, to analyze shifts in its market capitalization, and to explore trends in desktop and mobile computing.

Data Visualized

Data is sourced directly from Facebook’s SEC financial filings or other official channels, and when necessary, from third party analytics sources. The goal of Continuance is to learn more about Facebook through analysis and extensive data visualization, in order to better understand how the company operates, its growth prospects, how it leverages its network effects, and externalities affecting social interaction and human connections on the web.

Industry Referenced

Although fforward is a new venture, it has already been cited by authoritative sources in the industry. Here is a list of some notable publications that have cited analyses from fforward:

All Things Digital (Wall Street Journal)




Forward Looking

Over time, I hope that Continuance will become a historical reference for the rise of Facebook as a publicly traded company. While theses about Facebook’s growth prospects or market opportunities will undoubtedly shift with the momentum of the company, the overriding principles of consistent sourcing, a strong emphasis on analysis, and storytelling through data visualization will remain fundamental to this site.